Monday, September 20, 2010

reflection:week 1-4

Studio thus far has been a collaboration of many projects. First, we started with our great houses and everyday magazine assignments. I have been a little slow getting started with my great houses board, not really knowing where I wanted to go with it. I wanted t to keep it simple, making sure I worked with the design of the architect. I have just completed it and I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Not only was it interesting to learn about my house, but about the houses of my classmates. The second project was the everyday magazine. For this assignment I had to look at House Beautiful in 1979 and do an in-depth analysis. I worked on not only my individual year, but also in a group collaboration showcasing the growth of the magazine. It was really interesting looking at both the design and social changes over the years. The project that I am currently working on is renovating and designing a bungalow dining room. Today was very useful because we did a lighting charrette. I never think to do models before my design, and it was a completely different process. I think I will be using this method more often in my design process. More updates to come!

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