Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Concept & Precedent Development

The concept for my design is topography, the study of surface shape and features themselves. The city hall in Pittsboro is going to be the central point of the community that draws together all of the residents. On a topographic map contour lines build up to the highest elevation of the surface, and I am wanting to stress the importance of the city hall by making it this “higher elevation”. Topography is a way to mark the land, and the city hall will do the same by representing the community and mark its place in the landscape. I want to place importance on how the city hall helps the community grow and succeed. This relates to topography because it shows the relief and elevation change of an environment. I want to take the existing city hall and create moments that take flat or 2-dimensional elements and makes them interactive with the residents by making them 3-dimensional. I want to elevate the community through architecture.

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